Viber Increases Message Privacy With A Feature Similar To Telegram, Snapchat

Introducing Viber’s Secret Messages (Source: Viber Official website)

Viber is among the top messaging applications today. Many users can reach their friends and family not only across the country, but also around the world. To further protect the interest of its thousands of daily users, Viber has just increased the app’s privacy settings with a feature similar to that of Telegram and Snapchat.

This new privacy feature called “Secret Messages” will allow users to start a secret chat among selected contacts. Also, people can now send texts, photos, and videos to others in which they can set a time limit. According to Tech Crunch, Viber users can set a timer that will start once their recipients views them. Specifically, this is similar to Telegram’s feature in which the message will self-destruct after a specified time. However, unlike this new privacy feature, Telegram only has this setting available for individually selected messages.

(Source: Google Play)

The new set timer option in Viber can choose from 1 to 10-second limit in odd number increments. As for videos, users can choose to set the view limit to one, after which the video will disappear.

The Secret Messages feature also allows the users to delete conversations from the very beginning. The entire conversation will be deleted for both the user and his contact. However, there will be a record log of the contents that were shared in the convo before the deletion, but that record can be deleted as well.



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