Xbox One Rumored To Get Mouse And Keyboard Control Support

Render of Black Xbox One (Credit: Xbox official website)

An Xbox executive recently gave a response to the growing rumors that Microsoft’s home console will soon support mouse and keyboard controllers. There are no clear plans of having the additional controller features on the Xbox platform, but it seems like the company may finally give in to the pressure as more game titles are being released every year.

Xbox head Phil Spencer replied to a fan via Twitter regarding a “Halo Wars 2” question. The fan asked him if the Xbox users will be able to use keyboard and mouse controllers to play the upcoming video game. Spencer said that this feature will not be applicable to “Halo Wars 2” just yet, but he suggested that the keyboard and mouse support may be added to the game given the right time. Also, this may not only be the case for the said game title but also for the upcoming titles, Tech Times reported.

Before then, Xbox, as well as Sony’s PlayStation, has always been demanded to create keyboard and mouse support for their gaming platform. Although, PlayStation already answered with their own controller set, the TAC Pro. PS4 supports this controller, with its primary function similar to that of a keyboard and mouse. However, the online tech publication noted that the TAC Pro is quite pricey compared to the regular mouse and keyboard controllers out there, with its $150 tag price.


Xbox may opt to just create an adjustment so that their platform will finally be able to support keyboard and mouse, without the need of having its own controller set like the TAC Pro. Nevertheless, gamers have found ways to force keyboard and mouse controls in the game with the use of converters, which is quite unfair to others solely using console controllers. For one, players can easily lock in a target in the game using a mouse compared to a regular game controller.

Source: Xbox official website


Blizzard Entertainment is among the first game studios that suggested the creation of mouse and keyboard support for all consoles. If this could not be possible, then it would be better to rather restrict the use of any controllers with mouse and keyboard-like functions. This way, the fairness in the game will be ensured.

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