Nintendo Switch News, Update: Xbox Exec Praises The Switch’s Hardware Design; Joy-Con Connectivity Issues Give Users A Headache

Ever since its much-awaited release last week, the Nintendo Switch has been garnering positive reviews from tech and gaming enthusiasts around the world. The Japanese electronic gaming company promised that it would unveil a revolutionary gaming platform after the Wii U, and so far, it turns out that the Nintendo Switch is living up to everyone’s expectations. In fact, one of Nintendo’s rival in the console market gave praises to the Switch.

Xbox head Phil Spencer recently shared his insights regarding the Nintendo Switch. As per the latest episode of IGN’s Xbox show, “Unlocked,” Spencer has all the good words for the Switch’s hardware design. He described Nintendo’s efforts in developing the new portable home console as “very innovative,” saying that this latest offering will be a huge benefit for everyone.

The Xbox executive downplayed the brewing rivalry between Microsoft and Nintendo as the companies’ respective consoles, the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, are pitted against each other. Spencer maintained that Microsoft’s Xbox is in good terms with Nintendo, and he even talked about the possibility of their company following the footsteps of Nintendo via a portable Xbox device.¬†He said that he will be watching people’s reception with a portable gaming device, stating that today’s gamers “want to play their games wherever they are.”

In other news, the release of the Nintendo Switch last March 3 was also met with bugs and glitch reports. For one, the Joy-Con connectivity issue was raised by some users.¬†Specifically, the users complain about the interruption in the controller’s signal while they are playing in TV mode.

To note, the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid gaming device that has both the home console and portable play options. The problem lies when the Switch is connected to the television set in home console mode, as the Joy-Con controller becomes unresponsive, or worse, has no connection at all. According to the owners’ reports, the left Joy-Con controller appears to have sync issues. Unfortunately, there are no confirmed solutions on how to fix this problem.

According to Digital Foundry, the Joy-Con’s signal strength is not as strong as that of a regular controller. There right Joy-Con controller has two specs differences compared to the left controller, which may be causing the sync issues. It is possible that the latest system patch with Joy-Con updates can fix the problem as the controller’s firmware is updated. Unfortunately, Euro Gamer reported that this step is not a guarantee to solve the unsynced Joy-Con.

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