Google Android 8.0 news: New OS release expected in Google’s I/O Conference in May

The latest Android 7.0 Nougat was positively received by the mobile phone users upon its release last year. It introduced several new features of the Android operating system, and Google has continued to provide updates to its sponsored OS regularly. However, the Android Nougat is nearly going to be a thing in the past as the next Android 8.0 version is expected to come out soon.

According to the latest rumors, the Android 8.0 OS will be officially announced by Google at this year’s Google I/O Conference 2017. The event will take place in May, same as the previous years’ schedule. To note, Google was able to announce the Nougat OS, initially known as the Android N back then, even without the company releasing a new smartphone model or tablet to come with the OS. With this, it is possible that the public will know more about the Android 8.0 before August and September.


As reported by Pocket Lint, the final version of the Android 8.0 OS (also known as Android O or Oreo) will be released as early as August 2017. This will coincide with Google’s unveiling of their new devices, namely the Google Pixel and Pixel tablet. Before that, it is expected that Google will hold a developer’s preview for Android 8.0, which will happen shortly after the I/O conference.

Meanwhile, some alleged leaks on the Android 8.0 features have already circulated online. At least three important features of the Android 8.0 or Android O are expected, even if the company itself has yet to reveal any information regarding the Nougat’s successor. Venture Beat reported that among the three special features of the Android 8.0 will be Copy Less, allowing the phone to detect relevant info that the user wants to copy from a source. The Copy Less feature can be used while sending a text message or an e-mail.

The second functionality of the Android 8.0 is said to be copied from Apple’s very own iOS. Specifically, this feature will help the user locate an address in  a message and let Google Maps running to point to that address.

The last feature but probably the most interesting rumored functionality of the Android 8.0 Oreo is the use of finger gestures. For example, the Android user can draw a letter corresponding to what he wishes his phone to do, like when drawing the letter “C” to spawn the phone’s contact list.


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