Feel The Action With The Top 5 Best Gaming Speakers For PC 2017

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The audio system is one of the important aspects of an ultimate gaming PC build. Players would enjoy their favorite video games more with an impressive surrounding sound. While other gamers would settle for a basic computer speaker or a headset, some are willing to shell out extra money to buy the best gaming speakers. It would be nice to turn your room into a virtual gaming world by putting up an incredible sound system.

There are some features that you need to take note before buying the speakers. Many people would want to get the gaming speaker that provide the best ground-shaking bass. The loud bass makes you feel the same tension from inside the game, and while it can sometimes scare you, it adds to the thrill in the game that you always wanted.

It is also important that your gaming speakers can clearly differentiate specific sound levels. It would be a bummer to buy a speaker that get the high and mid sounds all mixed up, resulting to that unpleasant, distorted noise. That will greatly affect your performance during the game as you may want to shut your ears more than anything else. Of course, high-quality sounds will help you figure out what is going on in the game.

We now list the top 5 best gaming speakers for PC. Considering your budget and the characteristics of an ideal gaming speaker, these products will not bring you down.

5. Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speakers



  • 5.1 digital surround sound
  • Continuous 500 watts of power (1,000 watts peak)
  • Can connect to at most six devices
  • No HDMI port
  • No ventilation system to keep the sub woofer from overheating

Having a nice 5.1 digital surround sound while playing an action-packed video game is probably the ideal experience for players. In that case, you will be impressed with Logitech Z906 Surround Sound speakers. This speaker set has what it takes to bring out the heart-thumping and explosive background sounds of your favorite game. You will be assured that there is a balance of the high and mid sounds that will not hurt your ears. There is no problem with regards to its power, as it is packed with continuous 500 watts of power, with a peak of 1000 watts under some circumstances.

You can also connect up to six devices to the Logitech Z906 speaker set, including desktop computers and music players. The six different connection options are not too complicated to follow, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

The sub woofer is capable of giving that explosive background sound that you always wanted. However, the sub woofer may get a little too hot at times, and you have to find a way to cool it down before anything bad happens. The overheating is due to the absence of a fan to keep the components from overheating.

Users may also tend to compare the sound quality of this speaker set with that of a home theater setup. While the Logitech Z906 can definitely deliver, it still lacks the quality of the full-blown theater setups, and it may not be enough to distribute the sound across a large room. Of course, you can always use an EQ to further improve the sound system. There is also no HDMI port present in the speaker, meaning that the latest HD devices are not compatible with it.

4. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Speakers



  • 2.1 surround sound system that rivals other similar speaker setups
  • Adjustable bass
  • Plug and play
  • Old design; Speaker set may not be compatible with latest devices

Next on the list is a special Klipsch Pro Media speaker set. Some people may think that the brand's speaker setups are specially designed for a theater system. However, this speaker set has what it takes to give you the best breath-taking gaming experience possible with its heart-pounding sounds. For starters, the Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 THX has one of the best 2.1 digital surround sound systems out there. Its sound quality is so great that you will be able to differentiate the mid and high sounds, as well as the impressive bass sounds. Together, they make an incredible blend of sound to offer you a real-life experience in the virtual world.

However, this Klipsch Pro Media speaker set sports a quite outdated design, and it may not be compatible to use with the latest devices. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that the sound quality of this setup can rival that of the modern speaker sets. Of course, people tend to look for the new features that are offered by the newer products, but if you are the type of gamer who is just after a great gaming experience, then the Pro Media speaker set is the one for you.

3. Cyber Acoustics CA-5402 Platinum Series High Performance 5.1 Speaker System



  • 5.1 digital surround sound system
  • Convenient desktop control pod
  • Cable wires too short
  • Bullet Point 2

The Cyber Acoustics CA-5402 5.1 Speaker System is the next on the list, boasting some of the qualities of the best gaming speaker. The design and features of this speaker set may be a little too old compared to the top-class speakers available today. However, the Cyber Acoustic setup will give you that explosive gaming experience, and you don't have to spend too much money to get it.

This setup highlights the 5.1 digital surround sound system, more than enough to transform your room into a gaming world. Setting up or tweaking the sound system is not too complicated, all credits to the simple control pad that shows the basic stuff like the on/off switch, master volume, bass volume, headphone output jack, aux in, and LED power indicator.

The Cyber Acoustics CA-5402 is one of the affordable 5.1 sound surround speaker sets in the market today, but there should not be any question regarding its top quality performance. You can try this yourself by raising the volume and checking if there will be any distortion in the high and mid sounds, including the bass.

If there is one problem with this speaker setup, it is the connection wires that are quite short. However, the length of the wires should be enough if you are going to connect the speaker set to a PC. An ordinary PC desk will be a fine place for the speaker set to sit on.

2. Logitech X-540 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker



  • Top-notch bass quality
  • 5.1 digital surround sound
  • Rotating speakers
  • Heavy price tag
  • Requires add-on to use full potential

A special speaker set from a more popular brand, Logitech, made it to the second spot. The Logitech X-540 is probably the best speaker setup that you can find without hurting your wallet too much. Living up to Logitech's good reputation, the speaker set will give you the most action-packed gaming experience of your life through heart-pounding sound.

Making up the Logitech X-540 setup are the five speakers and a sub woofer, specially designed to give crystal clear highs and mids. Together, they will surround you with nicely-blended sounds that you bring you to a different world. Thanks to its 5.1 digital surround sound system, you will find the background sound very pleasing to the ears, and you may even enjoy the loudest moments in your game. If you are worried about the power it consumes to offer such high-quality sound, do not worry because it does the work with only 140 watts power.

The Logitech X-540 speaker set comes with three stereo cables that are used to connect the setup with 6-channel surround cards. There is a color coding for every cable for you to easily recognize them. Although, it should be noted that you may still have to use a 5.1 sound card to unleash the full power of the speakers. Nevertheless, the base setup of the speakers are more than enough to give you the best sound effects.

Another thing to note about the Logitech X-540 is that its connection wires are a bit too short, making it hard to be linked to music players and TV sets. However, there will be no problem setting it up with a desktop PC as the length of the cables is enough.

1. Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 High-power 2.1 PC Speaker System



  • 2.1 digital surround sound system
  • High-quality sub woofer with impressive bass sound
  • Clear and distinct high and low sounds
  • Cable wires too short

The Corsair SP2500 speaker system claims the top spot, and it is most likely the top pick of any other PC gaming build enthusiasts as well. The speaker set has everything to complete the ideal gaming sound system. For starters, the Corsair speakers deliver very well with the 2.1 digital surround sound system, and it is the best 2.1 digital surround speaker available today.

The Corsair SP2500 has two satellite speakers made with modifiable table stands, built-in sub woofers, an amplifier, a cradle, and rubber feet to support its vertical position. You don't even have to buy add-on amplifiers or EQs to get the best audio gaming experience that you are willing to spend your money. The sub woofers are enough to give you that very powerful, yet pleasing, bass sounds. There is also a guarantee that the sound coming out of the speakers will not be distorted, even in max volume. It is also worth mentioning that the built-in sub woofers provide options for the users on how they would like to place them. You can have the sub woofers lying down the floor or hidden under a couch to get that extra heart-pounding sound effect.

Gamers will not have problems in setting up the Corsair audio system with its very simple design. You can easily adjust and mix the highs and mids as the procedure is not complicated. This setup is intended for both beginners and pro gamers building their own gaming PC.

Perhaps the only downside of the speaker set that I can speak of is its connection wires being too short. Although, as I have already mentioned in the previous items, there won't be any problem with the length if you are going to build the speakers with a PC.









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