Google Pixel 2 specs rumors: Pixel’s successor to boast Snapdragon 83X chipset

Google had a remarkable year with the 2016 release of Pixel and Pixel XL. As the company leaves out the popular “Nexus” label for their future devices, Google has succeeded in branding their latest Pixel collection, getting positive reviews among the tech critics and satisfying market sales. Following this success, more can be expected this […]

BIND Flaw Patched in 2013 Affects Linux Distros

[ad_1] A vulnerability patched by the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) in the BIND DNS software several years ago has been found to affect Linux distributions that use packages derived from BIND releases prior to the security hole being fixed. The high severity vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2016-2848, was discovered by Toshifumi Sakaguch and disclosed by ISC […]

R3's Corda Blockchain Platform Goes Open-Source

[ad_1] Blockchain is variously described as the future of computing or a hype bubble that has already burst, depending on which author you read. In the Fiancial Times (FT), 14 October, 2016, Oliver Bussmann wrote, “As the former group chief information officer of UBS, where we championed blockchain early on, and as an adviser to […]

Twitter, Others Disrupted by DDoS Attack on Dyn DNS Service

[ad_1] Twitter, GitHub and several other major websites are inaccessible for many users due to a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on the Managed DNS infrastructure of cloud-based Internet performance management company Dyn. The list of affected websites includes Twitter, Etsy, GitHub, Soundcloud, PagerDuty, Spotify, Shopify, Airbnb, Intercom and Heroku. GitHub has informed users that its […]

Slack Flaw Allowed Hackers to Hijack Any Account

[ad_1] A researcher has disclosed a couple of serious Slack vulnerabilities that could have been exploited to obtain sensitive information and take over user accounts. The vendor patched the flaws and awarded the expert a total of $9,000. According to researcher David Vieira-Kurz, Slack was affected by two access control bypass flaws that could have […]