Immigration Reform 2017: Trump Targets H-1B Visa Program, Calls On American Tech Industry To Give Citizens More Opportunity

United States President Donald Trump has stayed true to his promise during the last election to start immigration reform for the benefit of the American citizens. A new executive order was signed recently to to review the current visa program for bringing in high-skilled foreign workers. Specifically, the administration is targeting the H-1B visa program that […]

Trump Finally Signs The Bill To Nullify FCC Privacy Rules That Protect ISP Customer Privacy

Staying true to his promise during last year’s campaign period, U.S. President Donald Trump signed a bill to change the current rules on data and privacy protection for the customers of internet service providers (ISPs). The rules, which were first introduced last year by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), served as a stopping force against […]

Trump Latest Immigration Reform Measures Aim To Give More Opportunities To American Citizens In Technology Industry

As what was promised during the campaign period, President Donald Trump is now working on new measures to ensure that the skilled American citizens would be fairly given an opportunity to work in the technology industry. To do this, the Trump administration would have to apply immigration reform that targets the employment of professional overseas […]

SpaceX Is Opening 500 Job Positions Following The Success Of Falcon 9 Rocket Launch

The successful launch of SpaceX Falcon 9 last week is a historic moment in the space launch industry, being the first reused rocket ship propelled to the outer space. It is no wonder that the multi-billion company, spearheaded by Elon Musk, will be enjoying the public attention in the near future, as well as the […]

US-Based SpaceX Is Hurting Russian Rocket Launch Industry, Paving Way For More Economical Space Missions

The SpaceX company has turned out to be a huge rival of Russia’s state-run space rocket launch industry. The futuristic private company owned by Elon Musk does not intend to pose a threat to the Russian space launch market, although the recent SpaceX projects aiming for more economical space missions have greatly affected the cost […]

EmDrive Latest NASA Experiment Could Affect Future Space Missions, As Well As Humanity

The latest space propulsion technology spearheaded by NASA, EmDrive, has been the source of controversy in the field of science. EmDrive is said to be the most revolutionary technology yet that would help future space explorations. It promises to make space missions a lot easier, with some of its features even breaking the laws of […]