Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Specs Rumors: Next Surface Pro Iteration May Not Be Too Different From Current Pro 4 Model

According to the latest rumors, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 may not be featuring major upgrades from its predecessor, the Surface Pro 4, leaving some of the Surface followers disappointed.  The current Surface 2-in-1 tablet model is well-received by tech critics, not to mention the high sales being enjoyed by the Redmond-based tech giant in the […]

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Release Date, Specs Rumors: Upcoming Laptop Will Be Microsoft’s Answer To Google Chromebook

Followers of Microsoft’s Surface lineup have been expecting to see major upgrades on the current Surface devices, one of them being the Microsoft Surface Book. Considering the rave reviews from tech critics and high sales, it is not surprising if the Redmond-based tech giant decides to refresh the premium Surface laptop. However, it appears that […]

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date, Leak 2017: Next Flagship Phone Powerful Enough To Run Win32 Applications; Microsoft Edition Samsung Galaxy S8 Coming Up This April

The Microsoft Surface Phone release has been in the rumor mill since last year, but there are still no definite signs that the first smartphone in the Surface family is coming very soon. If anything, the Redmond-based tech company may have to take more time to develop the Surface Phone, although Microsoft still have some […]

Xbox Project Scorpio Specs, Release Date: To Launch With Huge Video Games This Holiday 2017

2017 is a big year for tech and video games enthusiasts as two of the biggest console manufacturers are expected to unveil their upgraded gaming platforms soon. Specifically, both Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox will showcase the enhanced versions of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, respectively. As for the Xbox One, the next-in-line game […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Rumors: Stores Prepping Up For Impending Release with $200 Price Discount on Surface Pro 4?

There are no confirmed details yet regarding the rumored Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release this year. However, tech enthusiasts have taken the recent huge price cut on the current Surface Pro 4 as a sign that the next iteration of the hybrid tablet will be available soon. It happens often that the stores are selling […]

Microsoft Sets New Qualifications to be an Xbox Insider

To be an Xbox Insider gives you privilege to be among the first users to experience a yet-to-be-released software, software updates, and fixes. With this, Microsoft believes that the new applicants must first prove themselves to be worthy of such privilege. After all, being an Xbox Insider also gives you a number of responsibilities, and […]